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ELO Coach offers the fastest and most reliable Division, Per Win, and Placement ELO boosts Your ELO Boost is done by professional Diamond 1 and Challenger players! Check out our reviews here. Division Boosting orders require at least 13 LP per win, if they fall below that threshold they get converted into an equal value of Wins. Be sure to check our FAQ and if you have anymore questions our skype is CoachBoost

Pay Per Division

Price: $40 USD
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Accept Credit Card Payments
For duo queue wins, it’s the total amount of wins. Say you order 10 wins, that could be 10-0, 10-1, 10-2. This allows us to finish your orders in a timely manner and keep our prices low accordingly.
ELO Coach is a very well reviewed service with over 4,500 completed transactions. You can rest assured that your account is in great hands!
ELO Boost: Once you order we will assign a Diamond 1 or Challenger booster onto your account. Our team will quickly get you to your desired division!

Duo Queue Boost: After you order your assigned booster will work with you to arrange playtime for duo queuing together. Always make sure to be on time.
We aim for a division a day. It can take 24-72 hours per division, but it is generally completed much faster!
We never spend your Influence Points or Riot Points without your permission. If circumstances arise where a booster would like to purchase something, they will always ask first!
Yes! We offer you the chance to kick start your season by having our boosters play your placements for you. The pricing is based on your previous season’s division.

1) If you were Unranked, Bronze, Silver or Gold last season it is only $60 for 10 placements! For $60, we guarantee at least 7-3 and generally hit much better higher. It is not uncommon to land in Gold. If we for whatever reason we do not hit 7-3, we will make up for each additional loss.
2) If you were ranked Platinum last season it is only $80 for 10 games by a top tier booster!
3) If you were ranked Diamond or Challenger last season it is only $100 for 10 games by the best boosters in the business!

We also offer Duo Queue Placement Boosts. To buy this, simply select Duo Queue Per Win and then the division / tier you ended last season.
ELO Coach accepts Paypal, MonkeyPak and Credit Card purchases. In certain circumstances we will also accept Skrill, Bitcoin and Western Union.
After ordering we aim to start your ELO Boost as soon as possible. It can take a few hours to get started, but we generally start much faster! On exceptionally busy circumstances it can take a little longer.
Best of 3 division series count as 3 wins, and best of 5 division series count as 5 wins.
If there are wins remaining after the division is reached the boost will be continued with the wins being readjusted to the price of that division.

Ex. You purchase 10 wins at Gold 1 and after 7 wins you have reached Platinum 5 there would be 2 wins remaining at Platinum 5.
Your account will always end up positive, if games are lost they will be made up. If you purchase 5 wins and they win 4 games and lose 1 (4-1=3), 2 wins will be remaining. If you purchase per division and the first few games are lost resulting in a drop of division it will be made up. However, if in just one game a division is dropped the order will be readjusted as it would not be the boosters fault and would be adjusted to an equal number of wins over losses.

The only exception to this rule is: Every 25 LP gained will result in 1 win. Ex. A booster goes 3 wins – 3 losses and gains a total of 25 lp. It would be counted as 1 win, due to the LP gain.
No, for the security of your account and the speed of the boost you must not log into the game until the boost is complete. If you log in and cause a lost then you will be responsible for making up for that game. If you repeatedly log in it will cause your order to be re-prioritized.
Yes! Spectating the games is a great learning experience, you can watch them using http://kassad.in or http://lolnexus.com
Our tracking shows your recent match history, and allows you to contact your booster in our secure backend. You can always use the current favorite sites such as http://lolking.com and http://elophant.com
If your division boost earns less than 13 LP, we will change it to a Per Win order of equal value. Our pro ELO boosters will also help raise your MMR!
We are available via our contact email in the bottom right corner and skype at CoachBoost

Why Buy Cheap ELO Boost?

Escaping ELO Hell is a major pain that can seem almost impossible. One day you could make it to series and you end up getting trolled then dropping down a division. That is where our professional Challenger and Diamond 1 players come in! We are known as the #1 service around for a reason. We start your order faster, we get more progress, and we finish faster than any of our competitors.

Our service has gathered amazing reviews over the years of boosting and we aim at providing world class customer service. We offer a state of the art order tracking system that lets you see the progress and communicate with your booster in a secure environment. If you really like your booster you can even schedule him for a duo queue or lol coach. All of our players are top tier and you may even recognize some of them from your favorite lol esports teams. We can consistently rank you all the way up to Challenger without issue on any of our boost regions.

We at "ELO Coach" look forward to impressing you with our performance.

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